Tiaré Investment Management AG services high net worth individuals and families, foundations, endowments as well as small and medium size institutions.

Founded with the multi-family office approach which has made the Tiaré Groupe successful in France, Tiaré Investment Management AG focuses on asset and investment management. Thanks to its highly recognized team and partners, it offers a full scale multi-family office service, without making any concession in quality.

The philosophy of Tiaré Investment Management AG is based on the principle of direct access to, and advice from, the very professionals who do the technical work. There is no separation between servicing and advising clients. Services are tailored to the needs of each client, and continue to be based on a precise assessment of those needs.

Tiaré Investment Management AG is regulated directly by the FINMA for the anti-money laundering guidelines.

You can also visit our partners' websites: in Paris Tiaré Groupe (www.tiaregroupe.com) and in Geneva Naef Gestion Internationale (www.naef-international.com).

Tiaré Investment Management AG Bellerivestrasse 3
CH-8008 Zürich Switzerland
+41 44 392 23 33 (GMT + 1)

tiarÉ: edelweiss of the

The tiaré apetahi grows only in Raiatea, one of the islands of Tahiti, on the mountain of Temehani. A small white star, it represents quality of life.

With its five petals, the tiaré flower represents the delicate equilibrium between:

Each specimen is unique and needs constant care.

Each flower must be protected.

Each flower is isolated yet integrated into its ecosystem.

Tiaré flowers are the result of specific factors and conditions.

Each flower is gifted with the virtues which make this species so attractive.

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